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If you are looking for the best soft flame cigar lighter then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about these lighters and provide product reviews and useful tips. We will also recommend some of the top-rated models on the market. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, read on to find out everything you need to know about soft flame cigar lighters!

Popular types of cigar lighters

There are three main types of cigar lighters: soft flame, torch, and electric. Each has its own set of pros and cons that you should take into account before making a purchase.

Soft Flame:  A soft flame lighter uses a burner that produces gentle, steady heat.

Torch: A torch lighter uses a small, concentrated flame to light cigars.

Electric: Electric cigar lighters use a heating element to create a small hot spot that lights the cigar.

Is a soft flame lighter a good choice for lighting a cigar?

A soft flame lighter is a good choice for lighting a cigar if you are looking for gentle, steady heat. This type of lighter is best for cigars that have a tight draw, as the soft flame will not char the tobacco.

If you are looking for a more powerful flame, then a torch lighter may be a better option.

Soft Flame Cigar Lighter: Pros & Cons


  • Gentle, steady heat
  • Won’t char tobacco
  • More economical on fuel


  • May not be as powerful as a torch lighter
  • Not windproof

Now that you know more about soft flame cigar lighters, be sure to check out our product reviews and useful tips before making your purchase!

5 Best soft flame cigar lighters

Now that we’ve answered some common questions, let’s take a look at five of the best soft flame cigar lighters on the market.

Best Choice: Yusud Vintage Trench Lighter

The Yusud Vintage Trench Lighter is a unique, stylish lighter that is perfect for any cigar smoker. The piezo electric ignition and retro soft flame make it easy to light cigars, and the high-quality materials and craftsmanship make it a great addition to any collection. The windproof design and adjustable flame size make it a good choice for outdoor use.


  • Unique, stylish design
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Retro soft flame
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Windproof design
  • Adjustable flame size


  • Can be difficult to find replacement parts
  • The soft flame can be too gentle for some cigars

I’ve been using this lighter for a while now and I really like it. The flame is soft and it’s very ergonomic – it fits comfortably in my hand. It also looks nice and I love the retro design.

Overall, the Yusud Vintage Trench Lighter is a great choice for any cigar smoker. It’s easy to use, stylish, and well-made. If you’re looking for a soft flame lighter, this is the best choice.

Best Luxury Choice: Xikar Meridian Triple Soft Flame Cigar Lighter

The Xikar Meridian Triple Soft Flame Cigar Lighter is a great choice for any cigar smoker who is looking for a reliable, powerful flame. The triple soft flame provides high altitude performance, and the EZ-View fuel window and large fuel adjuster make it easy to use. The comfortable grip and elegant look make it a perfect accessory for any collection.


  • Triple soft flame provides high altitude performance
  • EZ-View fuel window
  • Large fuel adjuster
  • Comfortable grip
  • Elegant look and feel


  • Price
  • Roller ignition mechanism crashes for some users

When I picked up this lighter, I couldn’t believe the difference in quality. The cheap plastic alternative brand felt light and flimsy in hand, whereas this one felt heavy and solid. The flame was also very unusual and beautiful; uniting three separate flames into a long single dancing flame. It’s definitely worth the extra money to buy a quality product like this.

Overall, the Xikar Meridian Triple Soft Flame Cigar Lighter is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful flame. Although it’s more expensive than some other options, the quality is worth the price.

Best Choice for Pipe and Cigar Lovers: Urgrette 3 in 1 Pipe Lighter

The Urgrette 3-in-1 Pipe Lighter is perfect for serious pipe lovers. It has three foldable pipe gadgets, including a tamper, a scraper, and a picking stick, that can remove the soot and residue easily and clean your pipe well after use. The classic leather surface is made of premium zinc alloy and leather with an antique and classic appearance. The 45-degree angled soft flame is directed for precise pipe lighting.

The temperature of the flame is about 930°F, which can toast slowly without burning your thumb. This lighter is refilled with butane gas and equipped with electronic ignition. The flame adjusts switch at the bottom lets you select the appropriate screwdriver to rotate the bottom of the flame adjustment lever to raise or reduce flame length as needed. This pocket-sized lighter is made of heavy-duty zinc alloy and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Perfect for serious pipe lovers
  • Include three foldable pipe gadgets
  • Made of premium zinc alloy and leather
  • Refilled with butane gas and equipped with electronic ignition
  • Pocket-sized


  • Not windproof
  • No refill window

I’ve been a smoker for years and have tried all sorts of lighters. Some are good for cigars, some are good for pipes, and others just don’t work well at all. This one is a refillable butane lighter with a “soft flame” for lighting my pipes, but It works great on cigars too, which is a plus.

So this lighter is a good choice for those who love both pipes and cigars.

Good option for a gift: Colibri Julius Double Soft Flame Lighter

It’s perfect for gift-giving, with its angled flame and Pachmayr grip. The soft flame makes it easy to light your cigars, and the blue fuel level window ensures that you’ll never run out of butane. This lighter is also easy to refill, so you can enjoy it for years to come.


  • Well-crafted
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for a relaxing smoke


  • Not windproof
  • A bit finicky on butane

I was really pleased with the Julius lighter. It’s a well-crafted piece that is easy to use and functions perfectly. The flame height can be easily adjusted, and once you find your “perfect” flame, it’s flawless. I do have to adjust it a bit depending on the wind, but that’s to be expected. It’s definitely not windproof, but that’s OK. The lighter is elegant and perfect for a relaxing smoke.

Universal option: YUSUD Soft/Jet Flame Switchable Cigar Lighter

The YUSUD soft/jet flame cigar lighter is a great choice for those who want a versatile lighter that can adjust to their needs. It has two ignition modes: a soft flame and a jet flame – making it perfect for any situation. Additionally, the quality metal construction and refined finish make it an elegant and practical accessory to carry with you every day.


  • The soft flame and jet flame modes
  • The quality metal construction
  • Easy to use switch for the soft flame


  • No fuel window
  • Small fuel tank

I’ve been using this lighter for a while now and I really like it. The torch is great for toasting my cigar and the soft flame is perfect for my pipe. I especially like the switch for the soft flame, it makes it so much easier to use. I haven’t had to replace the flint yet, but I’m sure it will be easy enough to do when the time comes. The only downside is that the fuel canister is small, but that’s not a big deal since I always have a can of butane nearby.

Some more tips for choosing the right soft flame cigar lighter

When choosing a soft flame cigar lighter, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • The size of the flame. A larger flame will provide more heat, while a smaller flame will be more gentle.
  • The shape of the flame. A pointy flame will be more concentrated, while a rounder flame will be more diffused.
  • The fuel type. Butane is the most common fuel type for soft-flame cigar lighters, but you may also find ones that use propane or natural gas.
  • The price. Soft flame cigar lighters can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Choose the one that fits your budget and needs.
  • The size of a lighter. A larger lighter will be easier to hold and light cigars with, while a smaller lighter will be more portable, so you can take it everywhere with you.
  • Style. This is purely a matter of personal preference. Choose the soft flame cigar lighter that you think looks the best!


Soft flame cigar lighters vs jet flame cigar lighters – which is better for you?

The main difference between soft flame and jetflame cigar lighters is the size and shape of the flame. A jetflame lighter has a small, concentrated flame that is ideal for lighting cigars quickly. A soft flame lighter has a larger, more diffused flame that is better for gently heating the tobacco.

So which one is better for you? It really depends on your personal preferences. If you want a powerful, concentrated flame, then go with a jetflame lighter. If you prefer a gentler heat, then choose a soft flame lighter.

How to light a cigar with a soft flame?

To light a cigar with a soft flame, hold the cigar in one hand and the lighter in the other. Place the foot of the cigar in the flame and rotate it until it is evenly lit. Then, gently blow on the foot of the cigar to remove any excess heat.

How to care for your soft flame cigar lighter?

Here are some tips for caring for your soft flame cigar lighter:

  • Store the lighter in a cool, dry place.
  • Fill the tank with fresh butane fuel before each use.
  • Clean the burner head and flame adjuster regularly.
  • Do not leave the lighter in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

By following these tips, you can keep your soft flame cigar lighter in good condition and enjoy many years of use!


Now that you know more about soft flame cigar lighters, be sure to check out our product reviews and useful tips before making your purchase!

Thanks for reading! We hope this guide was helpful in choosing the best soft flame cigar lighter for you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy smoking!

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